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OA Dr. Reiner Simak, F.E.B.U.

Specialist in Urology

Specializations: Urological Surgery, Tumor Diseases, Enlarged Prostate, Urinary Stones

Languages: German/English/French

My ordination hours


5 pm until 8 pm

“Indecision is the greatest sickness.”
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

It is well known that the reluctance to consult a urologist, especially for men, is still high.
Diseases of the urinary organs such as the kidneys or bladder, and the reproductive organs such as testicles or prostate, often cause only minor symptoms and are therefore trivialized. Furthermore, urology is considered a taboo subject by many. Which man enjoys discussing potency issues, for example? A similar situation exists with urinary incontinence, which countless women suffer from.

Fortunately, the examination of the urinary and reproductive organs in the office has become virtually painless in recent years. It is complemented by efficient laboratory tests and imaging studies such as ultrasound, so that the diagnosis can be made quickly in the vast majority of cases.

In my consultation, I take ample time to thoroughly address your issue. Furthermore, I am in Co-Ordination with a large team of doctors from various specialties, ensuring that competent answers are readily available for interdisciplinary questions.

Education and previous professional career

  • Training as a general practitioner
  • Jus practicandi 1986
  • Specialist training, senior physician in charge of the ward
  • Austrian specialty board examination 1991
  • European specialty board examination 1992 (F.E.B.U., Board Certificate)
  • Urology Service, Department of Surgery
  • Senior Physician of the Department of Urology
  • Deputy Head of Department

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Dr. Simak has demonstrated exceptional competence and flexibility in finding solutions in a very specific situation.

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My ordination hours


5 pm until 8 pm