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Prim. Dr. Norbert Muzika

Specialist in Internal Medicine and Cardiology

Specialization: Interventional Cardiology

Languages: German/ English

My ordination hours


9 am until 1 pm
9 am until 1 pm

Complaints or diseases of the heart are often associated with a sense of inner restlessness. Therefore, it is crucial for my patients to have the necessary space in a relaxed atmosphere to discuss everything thoroughly.

All non-invasive cardiological examinations are available to you. In my role as the Head of the Cardiology Department at Confraternität, I can personally oversee your care in the event of a hospital stay. As a member of the interventional team at Confraternität, I also have access to the cardiac catheterization unit for all diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.

In addition to intensive care in the office or during hospitalization, I am available to my patients at any time by phone on my mobile phone. If you have any questions,  I am more than happy to be personally available for you.

Education and previous professional career

Specialist activities and roles:

I have been a patient of Dr. Muzika for many years Dr. Muzika …and will continue to be so. For me, there simply is no better in all respects. THANK YOU

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My ordination hours


9 am until 1 pm

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