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Assoc.Prof. Priv.Doz. Dr. Lukas Pezawas

Specialist in Psychiatry and Psychotherapeutic Medicine

Senior Senior Physician at the Univ. Clinic of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, AKH (General Hospital)

Specialization: Behavioral Therapy

Languages: German/English

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3 until 8 pm

Mental disorders are among the most common illnesses worldwide and are leading causes of absenteeism and human suffering. The spectrum of disorders ranges from mild to severe conditions. Mood and anxiety disorders are particularly common. These include illnesses such as depression, bipolar disorder, panic disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, or social phobia. Like most psychiatric conditions, they are triggered by a combination of genetic and environmental factors. In the media, such illnesses, especially when related to work, are often referred to as burnout syndrome.

Other major categories of disorders in psychiatry include psychoses, especially schizophrenia, as well as substance use disorders, with alcoholism being particularly significant in this context.

In modern psychiatry, a range of proven effective therapies is available for the treatment of these disorders, encompassing pharmacological, psychotherapeutic, and other biological approaches such as light therapy, all of which I offer.

As a specialist in psychiatry and psychotherapeutic medicine (with a focus on behavioral therapy), university professor, and internationally active researcher with extensive experience in leading psychiatric therapeutic facilities at a university hospital, I offer in my private practice meticulous individual diagnostics as well as therapy based on the latest research findings. This is provided within a timeframe that allows for optimal therapeutic outcomes.

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It was only through Dr. Pezawas that I regained trust in medical assistance, and with him, we were able to determine the right medications.

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My ordination hours


3 until 8 pm

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