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Ärztezentrum Co-Ordination

Prof. Dr. Michael Bergmann

Specialist in General Surgery and Visceral Surgery

Languages: German/English

My ordination hours


9 until 11 am

My goal is to treat you comprehensively and according to international standards. I strive to achieve this goal based on my surgical training at the University Clinic for Surgery in Vienna, specializing in general, transplant, and vascular surgery, as well as surgical intensive care medicine. Within the scope of my work, I consider the following points essential:

1. Information
You need information about your potential procedure to prepare accordingly. I discuss with you your questions regarding the indication and process of your surgery. On demand, I also accompany you in the follow-up care.

2. Specialization
Focusing is a cornerstone of medical quality. My clinical focus lies in colorectal and laparoscopic surgery. The structure of our clinic is designed for specialization and therefore provides optimal conditions because of i) internal continuous evaluation and discussion, ii) the high frequency of procedures within a well-coordinated team and iii) the institutional experience.

3. Interdisciplinarity
Complex medical conditions require interdisciplinary decisions. As a member of the respective boards of the Medical University Vienna, I discuss your conditions with gastroenterologists, oncologists, radiation therapists, radiologists, and pathologists. Years of collaboration with anesthesia and intensive care medicine enable maximum safety during your procedure. Coordination supports this interdisciplinary approach.

4. Scientific understanding
Molecular, translational, and clinical research enable us to better understand diseases and to treat them more precisely today, utilizing “Precision Medicine”. Through constant scientific activity and participation in congresses, I can adhere to these considerations in my medical routine.

​Yours Dr. Bergmann

1. Visceral surgery (surgery of the abdomen)

  • Laparoscopic surgery
  • Robotic Surgery – Establishment of the program at Med. Univ. Wien (2015)
  • Family Burden – Establishment of the Guidelines for Austria (2005)
  • Surgery of liver metastases
  • Interdisciplinary concepts are developed in the CRC tumor board of the Med. Univ. Wien talked through
  • Crohn’s disease (laparoscopic)
  • Ulcerative colitis (surgery usually proctocolectomy)
  • Interdisciplinary concepts are talked through in the IBD Board of the Med. Univ. Wien

2.Gastroscopy and Colonoscopy


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Research Priorities

Congress organization and surgery course since 2012

Invited Lectures and Chairs

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Awards (incl. members of the working group „Bergmann“)


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