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OÄ Dr. Romana Volker

Specialist in Internal Medicine and Cardiology

Senior physician at the Department of Internal Medicine, Cardiology, and Nephrology, LK Wr. Neustadt

Languages: German/English

My ordination hours


9 am until 12 pm

Are you not only seeking expert assistance in internal medicine/cardiology but also desiring a trustworthy point of contact in this regard?

It is important to me to meet people where they are in their current state of health and to address the fears associated with it.

I look forward to welcoming you to my practice.

Treatment of

Medical examinations

Necessary external examinations/interventions (cardiac catheterization, etc.):

Education and previous professional career

I am happy to take the time for detailed consultation and guide you through the initially often confusing diagnostic and therapy path.

My ordination hours


9 am until 12 pm