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Kurier – The most popular doctors in Austria 2024

2 doctors of the Medical Center Co-Ordination among the most popular doctors in the country

We are proud to announce that Dr. Jauker and Dr. Pfaffenberger from our Co-Ordination elective doctor centre in Vienna have been voted Austria’s most popular doctors. This award recognises her outstanding medical achievements and her deep commitment to patient care.

Dr Jauker and Dr Pfaffenberger represent the high level of medical expertise and patient-oriented care that we strive for at the Co-Ordination Elective Doctor Centre. Their tireless commitment and dedication have not only significantly improved the well-being of their patients, but have also earned them the respect of people far beyond the boundaries of our centre.

This award reinforces our approach and motivates the entire team to continue working with the highest level of commitment and professionalism. We would like to thank our patients for their trust and look forward to working with Dr Jauker and Dr Pfaffenberger to continue providing the highest level of healthcare in the future.