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Gastric and colonoscopy: Patients electing their doctor will receive significantly higher reimbursements from the WGKK from July 1, 2018

After the small health insurance companies (SVA, BVA, KFA and VAEB) increased the tariffs for endoscopic examinations in 2017, last week the Medical Association also agreed with the Vienna Regional Health Insurance Fund (WGKK) on new reimbursements for endoscopic procedures. Patients who elect their doctor now receive significantly higher amounts for gastroscopy and colonoscopy.

This means that endoscopic examinations in their chosen doctor’s office become more cost-effective for patients without having to forego the previous advantages such as quick appointments, short waiting times or care from the same doctor.

Dr. Gregor Ulbrich and his endoscopy team are pleased to be of service to you in the CoOrdination.

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