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Artificial intelligence in the private medical sector

The use of artificial intelligence (AI) is increasingly revolutionizing the medical field, including in the practice of registered doctors. AI-supported technologies offer versatile applications that can improve both diagnostic accuracy and treatment efficiency. One notable example is AI-assisted colonoscopy.

AI-assisted colonoscopy

Colonoscopy is an important procedure for the early detection of bowel cancer and other bowel diseases. Traditionally, the success of this procedure depends heavily on the experience of the doctor. AI-supported colonoscopy systems use machine learning and image processing to identify polyps and other abnormalities in real time. Studies show that these systems can significantly increase the detection rate of polyps.

Further applications of AI

In addition to colonoscopy, there are numerous other applications of AI in the private practice sector:

Previous use and limitations

Despite the promising possibilities, only a few doctors are still working with AI-supported systems. The technology is still at an early stage of implementation, and there are both technical and organizational hurdles to overcome. It is important to emphasize that AI cannot (yet) replace the doctor. Rather, it serves as a valuable tool that supports doctors and enables them to make more precise and faster decisions. Human expertise and judgment remain indispensable.

Künstliche Intelligenz im niedergelassenen medizinischen Bereich