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Fit after Covid – Rehabilitation program at the Sporthalle Wien

FIT NACH COVID – The health platform for all who suffer from the consequences of COVID-19. Since 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic has kept us on edge and has dominated the overall societal landscape. Hardly a day goes by without COVID-19 occupying our thoughts. Especially for individuals who have already experienced a COVID infection and are now struggling with long-term symptoms, the issue is ever-present.

“Fit nach Covid” was launched to provide accessible knowledge and offer assistance to those affected!

Behind the “Fit nach Covid” network is the Health and Exercise Center Sporthalle Wien, in collaboration with specialists in the fields of pulmonology, general medicine, internal medicine, cardiology, intensive care medicine, and sports medicine. The network is expanded by sports scientists, as well as other experts from the health sector. The focus is on health and well-being through movement.

The Sporthalle Wien offers a program for outpatient rehabilitation and care for post and long COVID sufferers.. This program was developed in close collaboration with experienced specialist doctors and qualified professionals. The “Fit nach Covid” program includes supervised training in small groups of 3 people. The main component consists of medically guided and individually tailored endurance training. The goals of the program align with those of pulmonary rehabilitation and include not only reducing symptoms (shortness of breath) and disability, maintaining work capacity, and improving quality of life but also, importantly, increasing performance to cope with the demands of daily life. Likewise, in the interest of secondary prevention, general risk factors should be lowered or prevented.

We pursue a holistic and interdisciplinary approach. Therefore, we go beyond mere physical training and aim to contribute to patient education. Together with specialist doctors from various disciplines, knowledge about the development and treatment of COVID-19, as well as lifestyle diseases that restrict the quality of life of those affected, should be conveyed to interested individuals. COVID-19 has dominated health interest for months. In the interest of prevention and long-term follow-up care, other diseases must not be neglected either. Since lifestyle diseases, as risk factors, predispose to the development of severe COVID-19, we also want to draw attention to these through Fit nach Covid. You will also find regular updates on exciting topics from our platform.