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High blood pressure despite several medications – what to do?

One in four Austrians is affected by elevated blood pressure (arterial hypertension). Although high blood pressure can lead to consequences such as stroke, heart attack, kidney failure, vascular diseases, or eye diseases, half of the patients are unaware that they are affected. It is particularly dangerous when patients continue to have elevated blood pressure despite taking several antihypertensive medications. This type of blood pressure is called treatment-resistant or refractory hypertension. A new surgical method is intended to help precisely this group of patients.

Professor Dr. Gürkan Sengölge is the first doctor to establish this surgical method in Austria. Together with Mr. OA Dr. Wolfgang Matzek from the University Clinic for Radiology, this procedure is now being performed at the AKH. In an interview on the show “Konkret” on ORF2, Prof. Dr. Sengölge explains what you need to know about high blood pressure.

Prof. Dr. Gürkan Sengölge – Specialist in Internal Medicine, Nephrology & Intensive Care Medicine