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Welcome to the Co-Ordination Medical Center!

In the Co-Ordination, the focus is on the individual patient with his or her individual complaints, illnesses and needs. Our specialists take the time to answer your questions, worries or fears.

Knowledge in modern medicine is developing faster today than ever before. It is not possible for an individual physician to be up to date with the latest knowledge in all areas of medicine. At the same time, the time available for doctor-patient discussions in the public healthcare system is becoming increasingly limited. For you as a patient, on the one hand, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find the right doctor or doctors for your symptoms, and on the other hand, there’s often a lack of time during medical appointments to even grasp complex issues.

The Co-Ordination is the response to the challenges of modern medicine and today’s healthcare system. The goal of the Co-Ordination is to treat each patient individually and to the best of our ability. To achieve this, the Co-Ordination brings together recognized specialists and experts from various medical fields into an interdisciplinary network of physicians under one roof.

The Co-Ordination Medical Center is a private practice, which allows the doctors to allocate sufficient time for each patient. Only when doctors have sufficient time for patients is it possible to conduct a thorough medical history interview, which ultimately forms the basis for all further diagnostic and therapeutic decisions.

The Co-Ordination provides a pleasant atmosphere through modern and appealing architecture, away from overcrowded hospital outpatient departments. We want our patients to feel comfortable here. The Co-Ordination offers little to no waiting time at the scheduled appointment time.

The Co-Ordination team is looking forward to welcoming you as a patient to our medical center.