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“You are what you eat”

Little attention is usually paid to the quality of the food and also the portion sizes. This inevitably leads to an excess of certain nutrients and calories. This can over time lead to the often invoked lifestyle diseases, such as obesity, diabetes, or lipid metabolism disorders. For this purpose, new, often questionable 'diets' are constantly being promoted to us as quick-fix 'cures' However, a sustainable improvement in dietary habits – and thus quality of life – is not achievable through this approach.

In recent years, we have also been confronted with the steady increase in food allergies and food intolerances. Especially here, a scientifically sound diagnosis is essential to initiate targeted and successful nutritional therapy.

Nutrition holds a significant place as a preventive and therapeutic principle, and it is essential to sharpen our senses for this purpose once again. Nutritional medicine can provide helpful and competent support to those seeking advice. It can open paths for you to rediscover a healthy sense of life with greater quality of life.